Friday, May 8, 2009

The Kick Off

Many of of the people in our lives that we love most....both friends and family....are separated by many miles. Our little family is growing quite quickly and hopefully this will be a great way to keep our loved ones updated on what is going on with the Barnetts!!

Miss Bella is growing and developing more and more everyday! She is talking non-stop, and although she mostly speaks giberish she has many words in her vocabulary. She is 14 months old, quickly approaching 15 months on the 21st! She is still cruising along holding onto walls and anything she can push around the house, but refuses to walk on her own!:) We know it will come in time, but I can tell you that her mommy is very ready to stop lugging her around everywhere!:)

Baby Max is healthy and strong. Our last ultrasound showed that things are just as they should be, and we are very excited to be welcoming a baby boy into our lives in a meer 118 days:) (I am 23 weeks along). Miss Bella is very consumed with looking at her mommy's ever growing belly and loves to give baby max kisses!

Cole and I are VERY excited that summer time is almost here! We are excited to work in our yard, play on the lake here in Michigan, and swim in the pool in Ohio! Cabin fever began affecting us in February, so the sunshine is such an amazing blessing!!!!! Cole has already been able to mow our yard a couple of times and he is like watching a little boy with a brand new toy!

Well that's it for now....much more to come. I will post some of the most recent pictures of Bella. Most of them are her playing in the bathtub, a favorite place for her!

We love you all!

The Barnett Bunch